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“Taking care of you so you can take care of your life”

About Ahu

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“Ahu” is a polynesian word for stone cairns, or stacked stones, a symbol of balance. Balance is what we are always trying to achieve in our lives and bodies and bodywork is an amazing way to re-establish and maintain this balance. A body in balance can heal itself and sustains fewer injuries. I believe that there is a place in everyone’s life for massage no matter who you are or what you do.

At ahu, getting a massage is as pain free as receiving one with our online appointment booking where you can schedule a massage at your convenience; to the ‘no tipping’ policy. Sessions are individualized for your needs; simply choose the length of the session and enjoy!

I am now offering Transformative Life Coaching sessions. If you are feeling stuck in your life and aren’t sure which way to turn, I would love to help you with clarifying values and goals, finding new perspectives and rediscovering the joy in life. Call or email to set up a free initial consult. I am in the process of earning my certification so for a limited time, sessions are at discounted!

Owner / Massage Therapist / Life Coach

Jill Hardcastle

NH Licensed 2949M, Member ABMP, B.A. UNH
Solidago School of Massage & Holistic Health, Amesbury, MA

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My journey as a massage therapist began in 2006. I was discontent with the daily stress as a graphic designer working in broadcast and advertising. I wanted be happy by making others happy. I became a massage therapist and never looked back, opening ahu right after finishing school.

I have loved meeting new people and developing relationships with clients who have taken the chance and come through my door looking for relief from stress or pain or simply relaxation. I specialize in neck and shoulder but enjoy working on everyone including children, teens, expectant moms and sports junkies. I love that there is always something new to learn about the human body and how it works and my curiosity is never satiated.

I have now followed that curiosity to learn new skills in transformative life coaching. My goal is to more deeply enhance the happiness in my client’s lives as they seek to balance their lives in spirit as well as body. I look forward to seeing where this journey takes me and my clients!

Ahu Services

Each massage is an integration of several modalities based on your specific and individualized needs, with techniques yielding deep therapeutic relaxation.

The relaxation and therapeutic qualities of the massage are magnified with the use of a BioMat. This is a heated mat filled with channels of amethyst crystals that enhance the far infrared heat waves that penetrate deeply into the tissues of the body. It is awesome for sore muscles and achy joints, especially arthritis but most importantly, profound relaxation. Learn more about the benefits of a BioMat.

relaxation & therapeutic massage

An ahu massage is a blissful experience where your needs and desired outcome are always the first concern. The table is heated and warmed rice pillows support your neck and surround your feet.

An eyepillow is used when you are face up; when you are face down, a bowl of steaming water, scented with a proprietary blend of essential oils, is placed beneath the face cradle casting a soothing aroma and keeping the sinuses clear.

30 minute:
45 minute:
60 minute:
75 minute:
90 minute:
2 hour:

prenatal massage

An amazing experience for pregnant moms, the massage is given on a special table that has an adjustable incline at the head so she can lie comfortably on her back. Two side-lying positions are fully supported by pillows. You can select any length of session but the following are suggested due to the added time needed to adjust pillows, table and mom.

45 minute:
$65 great for neck, shoulder, back & hips
75 minute:
$95 full body experience
90 minute:
1hr 45 minute:

hand & foot treatments

A wonderful nourishing, softening and relaxing add on to any treatment. Hands or feet are dipped into a shea butter based lotion scented with essential oils then placed in heated herbal mitts or booties. During the massage the mitts or booties are removed and shea butter is massaged into the hands and arms or lower legs and feet. Butter soft skin lasts for days.

Hand treatment:
Foot treatment:
Hand + foot:

back exfoliation

Can be stand alone service or added on to a massage. Session is started with a hot towels placed on your back then followed with a warm oil and salt scrub. This is removed by additional hot towels and then followed by an application of light oil or lotion. $30

dry brush

Before bodywork, the body is brushed lightly with a soft brush, helping to remove dry skin and stimulate the lymph and circulatory system. You can keep the brush afterward so you can use at home. $25

life coaching

Please call 603.969.4473 or email for more information!

Cash or checks preferred but credit cards are accepted!
Please note there is no tipping at ahu.

Ahu Specials

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Refer a Friend

Refer a friend and receive $5 off your next massage.

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Monthly Session Discount

Clients scheduling at least monthly save $5 per session on 60 minute and longer sessions.

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Multiple Sessions Discount

Buy a package of three or more massages, receive them anytime and save $5/per session.

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We've moved! As of October 1, 2016, our new address is 6 Old Rochester Rd, Dover, NH.  View map.

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